The Titans Eagle by Cheesemint Productions
The Titan's Eagle { 2017 }
Cheesemint Productions
Directed by Matthew Stogdon
In 1635 a troubled alchemist becomes trapped in a time loop. Waking up in the same field at the same time of the same say repeatedly. As he does so, he becomes mentally and physically weaker all the while striving for a solution. Can he break the cycle before it finally consumes him?

I had the great pleasure of first working with Cheesemint Productions in 2014 during filming of their feature-length movie, Sariel. Fast forward 12 months and Director, Matthew Stogdon contacted me and asked if I'd like to lead his next masterpiece.

How could I say no?

The script itself is a work of art with language accurate to the time period and written in such a way that it grips you from the very first scene.

It was a really exciting project for me as an actor because it gave me the chance to portray a man who was hurting both internally and externally and the director really helped me bring that out.

It was also a great chance for me to do more on-screen work as all my experience so far with drama and period language had all been on stage.

The project was crowdfunded on Kickstarter, earning way more than the original target. Filming took place in November and December 2016 with the release and submission to film festivals due early 2017.

You can view the trailer below and I encourage people to follow Cheesemint at