The Fat Dumb Menace
Mahler's Conversion { 2015 }
The Hostry Festival, Norwich
Directed by Chris Bealey
Gustav Mahler - Austrian late-Romantic composer, and one of the leading conductors of his generation. He enjoyed success for much of his career but one of his actions was incredibly controversial at the time - his decision to convert from Judaism to Catholicism so that he could be appointed director of the Vienna Court Opera.

I consider this play to be my most challenging role to date. Mahler the man was very complex, as many can determine from his music alone! But it was his life decisions and relationships that ultimately defined his character. He often struggled with his two worlds, the reality of his relationships, marriage and death of his first child; coupled with his creativity that refused to be stifled. Even his closest friends could not keep up with his overwhelming temperament and artistry.

Whilst the play wasn't considered one of Ronald Hardwood's best pieces, the potential for emotional conflict and drama in this piece was staggering and at times even I had trouble keeping up.

Through the brutality of it all I came out feeling as if I'd grown more than any other time in my career as an actor. This play, along with the man himself, will always have a special place in my heart.